Tips from the Limbo Queen

Meet the Limbo Queen

Some of you may recognize Kaitlyn Conner, a.k.a “the Limbo Queen,” from her appearances on the Tonight Show, The Gong Show, Harry Show, and many other media outlets. This amazing talent started her career at the age of 4 at Watson’s Rolladium SK8 Center, now known as Rink Ratz, in the summer of 2000. This rink holds a lot of history as it is the same rink that her mother Victtoria skated at in 1977 when she was just seven years old.

In the spring of 2000, Kaitlyn taught herself how to skate and did so 15 hours a week every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Her hard work paid off when she earned the title of “Limbo Queen,” as well a world record for backwards limbo under 21 poles!

Tips from the Queen

We decided to ask the Limbo Queen for tips on how to do the limbo well.

  1. Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more
    Stretching increases flexibility and joint range of motion, as well as circulation, posture and coordination. Stretch at least four hours a day with yoga and basic stretching to improve your limbo technique.
  2. Work on balance
    By working your core muscles you can help to increase your balance which reduces the risk of an accidental fall.
  3. Practice as much as possible
    Practice makes perfect. On average, Kaitlyn practices about 15 hours a week. Utilize programs like to increase your floor time without breaking the bank.
  4. Be determined
    People will try to steer you off course and belittle what you do. Sometimes you may get discouraged if it doesn’t come easily, but don’t let outside influences or setbacks deter you from your goal.
  5. Put your heart and passion into it
    If you love what you do, practicing and perfecting your skills won’t feel like a chore. Take pride in what you do and celebrate your victories, no matter how small.
  6. You only fail when you don’t try
    If your goal seems impossible, break it down and set smaller goals that will lead you to your ultimate goal. For instance, you may not be able to get down to the last peg on the limbo pole, but make an effort to get to the last peg. If you can’t get there, stretch a bit and come back to it again later. Consistency is always key.
  7. Never give up
    Pain is sometimes psychological. Every sports figure will tell you that pushing through the pain to get to the end goal is sometimes necessary. That being said, professionals also tell you that if you’re doing an exercise and it hurts to stop immediately – that pain is your body’s way of telling you to stop to avoid injury.
  8. Rest when needed, but always push yourself
    We lose out on the gains in our practice when we get tired and give up. Push yourself just a little bit more. That being said, make sure to give your body time to rest.
  9. Stay humble and kind
    People may try to help and you need to be coachable. Whether it be in training for the limbo or going to school or a job, the ability to accept constructive criticism or “coachability” will take you further faster.
  10. Make sure you believe in yourself
    If anyone should believe in you, it should be you. Find that voice in your head that says, “You can do this!” Positive self-talk really does work.

If you take Kaitlyn’s advice, you can someday do what she does, as well. Regardless of whether or not you become a Limbo King or Queen, the tips she has set are important lessons that can be utilized in your daily (and roller skating) life. For more information on the Limbo Queen, visit